The leaves are changing colors, the nights (and days) are getting cooler, and pumpkin is must be October! Here, inside the Russ Donahoo Real Estate Team office, we are surrounded by pumpkins; all shapes, sizes and even colors!

We started a pumpkin giveaway on Monday, October 1st and have had such a great response, we have decided to order more.  Thank you to everyone that has come! We are getting another delivery of pumpkins this weekend and will have even more to share on Monday, October 8th!

Our pumpkins come from Harvest Moon Farms located in Shelley.

It's the neatest little pumpkin patch run by the children of Tom and Lauren Yearsley. Tom and Lauren have found an exciting way to teach their children work ethic and responsibility.

What child wouldn't be happy to grow and harvest a large pumpkin patch?! We understand they yield close to 5,000 pumpkins!

The children use the profits to go towards savings of their college tuition, LDS missions and allow themselves some spending money. They are quickly learning the value of a dollar as they are also required to pay 50% of their school clothes and other things that they want.

We, the Russ Donahoo Real Estate Team, feel privileged to support them. If you would like to visit their farm and obtain a few more pumpkins, call their mother to schedule an appointment; Lauren 208.680.5763

As part of our pumpkin giveaway, we are holding a pumpkin carving contest.

After you carve your pumpkins, upload a picture onto Facebook and/or Instagram and tag us in your post to be entered to win a Papa Murphy's pizza dinner for your family.

It's that easy. We can't wait to see your incredible carving creations! 

Pictures should be uploaded by 11:59pm on Monday, 10/29 and a winner will be announced Tuesday, 10/30.