Today we would like to take a minute and spotlight a local business we have heard great things about; Noah's Lawn Care!

Here's a little of this season's hottest services he provides:

Love looking at the fall leaves, but tired of tracking them into your house? Do you find yourself dreading the thought of standing out in the brisk autumn air attempting to put wet, soggy leaves in a garbage bag just to have the bag blow away or fall over and all your work be for nothing?

Let Noah's Lawn Care clean up those annoying fallen leaves by mowing and bagging them, then hauling them away for you.

Noah's Lawn Care is a locally owned and operated business in Idaho Falls, ID. The owner, Noah Brown, has been an Idaho resident for over 10 years. He started his business in high school and has kept it running since. Since starting his business, Noah has continued to enhance his knowledge, experience, and reputation over the years. He looks forward to the opportunity to help make Idaho Falls a more beautiful place to live, one yard at a time!

Check out Noah's Lawn Care services ( and let us know about your experience!